Workshops and Teaching

I enjoy teaching and have taught many classes and workshops over the years. These have varied from basic classes for beginners to advanced topics at City and Guilds level. Most of my workshops have been conducted in Ireland but I was invited to be a member of the teaching faculty in the Hague for Quilt Expo 3.
The following are a selection of the workshops I teach. I like workshops to run from 10.00am to 5.00pm with an hour for lunch.

Trip Around the World.
This is a basic strip-piecing workshop that helps in accuracy of workmanship while completing a quilt for a bed. We complete the first quarter in the one-day workshop and I supply notes to allow you complete the rest of the quilt. I am of course always at the other end of a phone for my past students to help with any difficulties you might have.

Machine ‘Crazy Patchwork’
Unlike the above workshop this workshop is for students who do not like to worry about accuracy but still want to achieve a high standard of skill. This workshop also uses strip-piecing methods and foundation fabrics. It is a useful method if you do not like working with wadding / batting.

Spiders Web pattern.
The workshop using this pattern is for intermediate skills and demands a lot of patience and accuracy. It is a pattern that can provide real movement to your design. My Truagh Counterpane was made using this method. Again I supply notes and background design patterns for you to work with.

Secret Structures in Medallion quilts
This workshop is really about drafting quilt patterns. It is where you take an existing simple block as a basis and work a new design around this. Changing the original block design to create something new and special to you.
What happens in the day?
You will design a quilt, and make the templates for the central block and some of the outer patterns.
Again I supply notes to allow you to complete the quilt and again I am at the other end of the phone for my past students.

Patchwork Clothing.
This is where we use commercial patterns to make clothing BUT examine the pattern to see where we can insert some patchwork. Strip piecing or appliqué are most suited to this form of patchwork. (I believe patchwork clothing should be subtle rather than gaudy)
Persons wishing to take part in this workshop will have to know how to make clothing first. While I could teach you the basic skills in this regard it is more productive that you come with these skills in the first place. It is most suited to a weekend. Friday evening to Sunday 5.00pm
Have a look at my waistcoat for an idea as to what you could make.

Cost of workshop per day €120 in Ireland and mainland Europe. Travel is extra.
Lectures to Guilds and small groups €80.00

Loretta explaining the construction details of her quilt "Kandinsky is the Key" to a group of patchworkers in Caslebar. The photograph was taken in the Linen Hall, Castlebar at the opening of the Irish Patchwork Society exhibition clebrating its twenty first anniversary.